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GNG standardizes, integrates, and automates the forecasting process to:

  • Proactively detect and identify forecasting issues.

  • Relate underlying demand to financial and production forecasts, find inconsistencies, impact tactical planning.

  • Alert stakeholders to marketplace changes.

  • Calibrate long-term forecast with short-term forecast adjustments – thus extend long-term forecast shelf life.

  • Improve forecast accuracy, reduce costs, improve financial performance.

The GNG Group Consultant - John McNally

“It’s not enough that your product forecasting model be accurate; it must also be consistent with other forecasts,

information and

plans in your



- John McNally



GNG’s process incorporates:

  • Epidemiology: e.g., prevalence, incidence, diagnosed patients, drug-treated patients, product-appropriate patients.

  • Market dynamics: Current competitors, future branded and generic competitors, class shares

  • Product trial & adoption, based on differential advantages, price, reimbursement, key opinion leader sentiment, and promotion.

  • Compliance rates.

  • Launch date scenarios and uptake curves.

  • Loss of exclusivity dates, and erosion curves.

  • Potential future market events.

And delivers:

  • Models customized to your project needs, which are easy to understand, modify, and update.

  • Expert-facilitated review sessions, which secure agreement on assumptions and considerations.

  • Monte Carlo simulation of uncertainties and alternate scenarios.

  • Clear documentation of parameters, forecasts, key success factors, and insights.

New Product Forecasting Graph

For our product, and current & future competitors, by country / region.

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