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Commercial Planning, Operations & Analytics

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The challenge for a consulting organization like ours rests in our ability to understand our client and to develop better solutions with them, leading to their improved decisions and outcomes.


Our success and growth since forming in 2010 attests to our practical, cost-effective solutions and the value that healthcare companies place in our results.


For continued growth, we will remain focused on the customer, while relying on the quality of our people, tools and network.


Most important of all, is our dedication to serve and excel for our current and future customers.

Greg Vydra

Managing Director

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GNG Group Business Areas

The GNG Group CEO - Greg Pisch
The GNG Group Managing Member - Greg Vydra
The GNG Group Logo
The GNG Group Consultant - John McNally
The GNG Group Analyst - Christin Brown


Measured the impact of over $1.5 billion dollars’ worth of Direct Marketing Investment.


Supported over 50 new product launches.


Designed over 150,000 retail and hospital sales territories.


Successfully led sales force optimization projects with 30+ companies in 20+ countries.

Forecasted brands generating over $50 billion in revenue.

Designed incentive compensation plans for over 40,000 sales representatives.


Analyzed over 400 unique healthcare-related data sets.

Creative thinking, a collaborative approach and a passion for practical solutions, underscores all our work.

In addition to our core business areas outlined above, since 2010, we've helped clients by offering cost-effective Ad-Hoc Support Service and Decision Support Tools.

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